::JAMAICA:: "Natural Beauty & Entertainment"

Jamaica is typically associated with rum, reggae and Rastafarian culture. Being the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean, it's warm tropical climate and more than 10,000 km coastline with beautiful beaches, Jamaica offers the visitor a huge diversity of natural beauty, culture and entertainment.

Negril which is located on the western tip of the country with its seven-mile-long sandy beach, coral reefs and amazing sunsets, has become one of the most famous tourist destinations. Today an amazing multicultural place with an abundant selection of water activities, reggae music and restaurants. Also the beaches on the northern coast, surrounded by coco, sugar cane and fruit plantations, are fabulous as is the famous blue lagoon. The highest point of Jamaica, Blue Mountain Peak of 2256 m, rises among the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Montego Bay, the second largest city located in a bay surrounded by mountains, is the gateway to tourist activity on the north coast. The beaches are lined with all inclusive resorts, and the city offer abundant shopping and dining.